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Under the sun of Greece, we take care of you…

Organization of the medical care


      Our aims :


  • To do our best for your sense of security

  • To get your marks and your usual habits quickly

  • To propose a quality care, equivalent or superior to the one you receive in your regular dialysis  centre




      Our means :


  • We provide a wide range of medical care (conventional hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, hemodiafiltration) for all patients with end-stage-renal-disease

  • Our equipment is technologically advanced

  • Our facilities are modern

  • Our medical and paramedical staff is thoughtful, experienced and attends continuous education seminars constantly

  • Our dialysis machines are sterilized after every single session

  • A nephrologist physician is present at every hemodialysis session

  • The nephrologist physician is available 24 hours a day, for any kind of medical problem, from simple advice to an emergency, in which case we have a specially adapted room for that purpose.

  • In case of emergency requiring hospital care the patient in need will be transferred to the State Hospital of Rhodes, 7km from the HELIONEPHRO Centre

  • Any necessary transfer to the hospital can be made quickly thanks to the HELIONEPHRO Center’s own ambulance.

  • Our nurses are multilingual, experienced and have received extensive training in hemodialysis.

  • Our paramedical team consists of a matron and a nurse for every four patients.

  • Patients carriers of hepatitis B receive treatment in a separate room with dedicated dialysis machines, sinks and private cloakrooms.

  • HIV positive patients are of course accepted by the HELIONEPHRO Center and receive the same attention.

  • Peritoneal dialysis patients will have, as customary, the necessary equipment at their disposal in their hotel room

  • All medical, non-urgent non-dialysis related problems are treated by specialists cooperating with HELIONEPHRO Centre.

Provision of medical care


  • The HELIONEPHRO Center is spread over three entirely air-conditioned levels

  • An elevator is in place

  • The first and second floor have a total capacity of 28 stations with the ability to welcome groups

  • For every station there is a cloakroom, a telephone set and internet access. In that way, the patient can, relax, entertain himself or manage his or her professional tasks while receiving treatment

  • Every station can be equipped with an armchair or a bed according to the patient’s wishes

  • There is a dedicated room for hepatitis B carriers

  • The ground floor is equipped with an isolated room used for the treatment of the acute conditions

  • The ground floor is also the administrative floor with the admissions’ area and a vast waiting room

  • The physicians’ office is also on this floor

  • Patients who choose to stay at the Paradise Hotel Royal Mare 5* , situated only several meters from the HELIONEPHRO Centre, will be called in their room a few minutes before the beginning of their treatment, thus removing the stress sometimes encountered due to early departures or traffic jams.

  • Finally, the HELIONEPHRO Centre’s ambulance is available for the patients at all times



  • The dialysis’ machines are of the latest technology and may provide conventional hemodialysis as well as the classic and on line hemodiafiltration

  • We provide polysulfone high flux dialysers as well as all other types of dialysers on demand

  • The water treatment  is based on the principle of double reverse osmosis