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A dream vacation in Greece


      The HELIONEPHRO Center is situated in Kallithea, on the easternmost island of Greece: the island of Rhodes.

      On a central highway, it is 5 km away  from the city of Rhodes, 7 km from the General Hospital of Rhodes and 20 km from DIAGORAS international airport

      The HELIONEPHRO Center is in the heart of a well developed tourist zone with many high-end hotels, quality restaurants, bars, boutiques, tourist shops, movie theaters, Luna Park, a great aquatic entertainment park, enchanting beaches, historical, archaeological and medieval sites and magnificent landscapes!


      Rhodes :

  • Surface: 1 404 km2. Max distance: 77 km vertically and 35 km horizontally
  • Population: 100 000 inhabitants
  • Official ID:  valid identification card for EU nationals or valid passport
  • Currency: Euro. Credit cards are increasingly accepted in the stores, service stations and ATMs.
  • Time zone:  + 2h GMT
  • Language: modern Greek, English, French.
  • Climate: sunshine, nothing but sunshine (300 days/ year)
  • Clothes: from May to September, think about bringing light and comfortable clothes, sunglasses, a hat and most importantly do not forget the sunscreen lotion
  • Electrical current: 220 Volts




Rhodes: The eighth wonder of the world !


Between history and the modern times, the city of Rhodes holds a lot of surprises for you…


On the historical side:

The Colossus of Rhodes was a statue of Helios, in bronze, whose height was over thirty meters. This gigantic statue was toppled in 226 B.C. by an earthquake. It was the sixth of the seven wonders of the ancient world !


The Knights of Rhodes:  after the loss of the Holy Ground, the “Hospitaliers de Saint-Jean de Jérusalem” were the only ones who remained in the region to pursue the crusade, while getting settled in Rhodes. They were also the only ones to present a double vocation, humanitarian as well as military, and their hospital of Rhodes, on the cutting edge at the time, was highly reputed and known all the way to the West.


Today, the HELIONEPHRO Center pursues this long tradition of medicine and care.